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The free Winrar And How To Crack Protected Winrar Files  is completely free and will help to recover any unknown password of protected RAR and also WINRAR files.

There are two ways the software will use to hack back your lost passwords.

The first one is a brute force attack, the other way is by using dictionary based attacks. These are very good working Free Password Recovery Tools  techniques, that in most cases recover the protected file pass. It doesn't matter if it was a easy or a very complex passwords, after a while it will be found.

  Once the missing password of the file is uncovered, which is working complete automatically, all the files inside the RAR archive gets extracted so you get full access to the file's content again.

The app is designed in a way so anyone can use it without problems.

It also features password recovering of secret RAR files.

The GUI is simple and implements a cool smart interface, making it very easy for anybody to use.

Working with all recent operation systems.

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